Apr 23, 2007

Museum Monday #55

Monday and I got the sun burns to prove it. Other than that it's an irritatingly warm day gone absolutely wrong. Infuriating, really. As for this Museum Monday blog thingy (a.k.a. my self imposed masochistic Monday chore), well, have a look here. It's the aptly named Acorn Computer Museum. In fact it's such an aptly named little retro gaming site it does a perfect job of describing itself. Just don't let the Commodore, Atari and Dell computers included fool you and concentrate on the classic 32-bit Archimedes.
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  1. WOW! Take a gander at those fancy red keys...! I bet that was a fortune..! Doe it come with a laser mouse too..???

  2. Unfortnately not. It came with a proper one... You know, the ones with the lovely rubber ball..

  3. Although I lived in the US, I remember watching the BBC show about computer programming. Maybe 1981? It featured the Acorn. Neat show. (I was an Apple II+ guy at the time.) Thanks for the memories! BTW we used to buy magazines just to type in the code--no free programs on disk with a magazine back then! I'm getting old. ;-)

  4. Ah Bob! Its good to see someone as old as me! Nice find Gnome!

  5. ...don't imagine the Health and Safety inspector will be too chuffed when he sees that exposed highly dangerous looking sticker......

    (touches sticker...._


    ouch!... well it just asking to be touched.... well it was

  6. Ah, yes Bob, still got'em program listings. Even got a few Basic game programming books. A way more creative era...

    Father, you're not old enough yet. First receve your Wii, then we discuss age.

    So, uhm, Mr. Elderly, you're not gonna sue are you? I mean it clearly warned you...

  7. The rubber balls sucked..! I had to clean them all the time....

    I need a power glove mouse- just point at the screen and shoot!!!

  8. Ooooh, that'd be hot 'n' 80s. Brilliant!