Feb 8, 2007

On High Elfs, Black Orcs, buildings and terrain

Haven't done one of 'em Warhammer rumors posts for quite some time now, have I? Well, frankly speaking, no, I haven't, but I'm doing one now, apparently. Hopefully a relatively juicy one too, as I'll start by mentioning something most gamers seem to know already (oh, the irony!): the High Elves will almost certainly be the next Warhammer Fantasy army to be released.

Not very interesting, I know. The imminent release of plastic Black Orcs though should definitely get Greenskin players all hot and excited. Have a look at some miniature sprues posted over @ Warseer:

Ignoring not-yet-convincing whispers of a Mighty Empires re-release, let's move on to some brilliant news (well, rumours unfortunately). Games Workshop should -according to either serious sources or experienced Photoshop users- soon release a variety of beautiful plastic Warhammer building/terrain-bits and a nice modular terrain kit. Have a look at the following pics and then try finding out more by clicking here and here. Unfortunately something seems slightly fishy indeed...

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  1. Warhammer galore!
    Now all I need to do
    is to rob a bank,
    and the game is on!
    (rubs hands in a sinister fashion)
    Hmmm better make it tow. Sadly,
    I don't seem to have a base army,
    and rumors are around that you would need one to be able to play at all.

  2. Unfortunately you would, but Battle for Skull Pass would be a (very) good starting point. Gives you enough minis to actually try the game and see if you're interested.. 's cheap too...

  3. (opens notepad, licks pencil)

    sprues... hmmm

    modular terrain kits....hmmm

    air bubbles, plastic or resin..hmmm

    (licks pencil....)

    fishy wishy... ahaaaa

  4. What, what? Are you closer to my TI 99/4A now?

  5. Hi Gnome. I have read the new Mighty Empires rules and seen some of the tiles. they are 3d resins. it is all amazing. it is not a separate game like it used to be but purely a campaign tool for Warhammer. don't have a release date yet though.

  6. Amazing! Thanks for the info anonymous dear.. you wouldn't happen to have any pics or something, would you?

  7. Hi, I'm Anomynous. i have worked my identity out. i don't have a pic but i am very close to the studio and have held the rules in my over excited paws. currently it is quite a straightforward campaign system. i can't get a photo because they are very tight on the security. i can tell you that for the 40k apocalypse release there is a plastic baneblade, drop pods, Orc stompa and a 'nid monster coming out. the developers played a test game that had 16 carnifexes in it to give you an idea of the scale.

  8. That's some mazing info.. Thanks a ton bewl. Oh, and WOW!


  9. (finishes notes, attaches latest exclusive gaming scoop to the feet of a carrier pigeon.......)

    fly birdie, fly.....

  10. (birdies sort of flies, sort of plumets to its doom)

    Can I fly too Mr. Elderly?

  11. damn !!

    and that was my last pigeon, still you might be able to get the exclusive scoop back to HQ

    (fastens gnome into large wing harness.......moves him towards the open window.....)

    now for the jetpack.....

  12. (inserts fuel, pulls string, pulls again, lights cigarette, pulls.. lift off)


  13. (readjusts Gnomes tracjectory by moving him into a horizontal position.... shouting above the noise of the jet engines, elderly advises gnome...)

    okay when your ready, press the boooster button... thats the booster button (pointing to a button marked booster button...)

    do not pres the black button marked "this is not the booster button"...

    god speed!!...

  14. Presses both buttons!

    Wheeeeeeeee Wiiiiiii !!

  15. ..oh holy jeeezzzzz

    (dives for cover as 200 gallons of jet fuel ignite.........)

  16. cough!....
    sorry readers, just waiting for the


    ..dust to settle

  17. tea would be nice!

    wait your alive? why how did you survive that inferno? it's a miracle....

  18. ?...but!... the computerised jet propulsion unit..... it was on rental....

    oh well (starts singing...)

    a gigaton bytes to dust.....
    and another ones gone
    and another ones gone
    another gigaton bytes the dust.....

  19. (everybody starts dancing)

    Wh gives a fuck about propulsion, I ask you.