Feb 26, 2007

Museum Monday #48

Monday. Unsurprisingly, also the divinely designated day for another Museum Monday post. And, as -surprisingly- this Monday doesn't seem particularly nasty, thus not your average (or garden) Monday, this Museum Monday will safely take you to an accordingly unusual museum mostly exhibiting stuff that never really existed. Intriguing, I know. Now, click here, enter the halls of utterly amazing Amiga Games That Weren't and all will be clear.
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  1. Now your spoiling me, a C64 post and an Amiga post.. side by side... (takes out camera.....)

  2. (all posts smile)

    An Amiga... Ahhh, the days, the days... We even had free german pron back then... Bliss.

  3. ahhh german porn.... click!..... heidi, frieda,, helga... ahh those were the days......

  4. Happy pron of yore. Missed but never forgotten.

  5. (flicking through german porn collection....)

    ...nope never forgotten