Feb 12, 2007

Museum Monday #46

Monday. And a slightly worse than average one too. Still, as long as we aren't members of the ever-growing, shambling and all-consuming undead horde, things should be alright. Mostly, that is. Oh, and reading a good book would probably help. Even if it were in PDF.

Failing that, you too dear victim of this particularly nasty Monday, could browse through a game manual or two, just to remember how interesting some of them used to be. Visiting replacementdocs would of course be an absolute necessity. There, you'll be able to browse through and download thousands of games manuals, covering games all the way from the era of the Atari 2600 and the Spectrum, to the Amiga and the Sega CD, to the Xbox and the Wii. More obscure consoles and formats are wisely also covered.

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  1. I fear that for some I know may already be to late, and thus they are now populating the ranks of the living dead.
    (sighs in a o so familiar manner)
    Guess I got some converting to do...

  2. Just don't convert me matey....

  3. ...(points at game manual....)

    pop.. pop.... amiga.. populous....

  4. (holds printed game manual... kisses it...... )

    old friend how are you? it's been so long......

    (cuddles manual.... two men in white coats enter the room......)

  5. (gnome waves)

    They are your friends Elderly. Remember. Oh, and they'll also give you an Amiga.

  6. I used to own that manual but, sadly, I gave it away along with the rest of my game for some stupid reason.

    The manual didn't help me to be honest. I was still clueless as to what I was supposed to do but, then again, I was pretty young.

    I loved Populous: The Beginning on the PSOne however. Maybe because I was actually pretty good at it. I thought it was overly unappreciated to be honest.

    Check out the case for that on the conviniently linked wikipedia entry ;-)

  7. Heh, thanks for the link Tom. This 3d populous does feel like quite a faithful 3d conversion of the original... I'll have to see if it ever made the PC, which I believe it did. Years ago, of course.

  8. (puts on white coat, grabs flip board)

    elderly reporting for apprenticeship checking....researchy pc stuff job


    (elderly salutes Gnome....)

  9. (gnome puts elderly out of the misery of his hopelessly confused mind)


  10. .....

    (it takes the old man quite sometime to die... the blood gently leaving his body, a measure of his ebbing lifeforce.....)

    ..cough!.... et tu Gnome..


  11. Teeeh, its a maditteranean thing you see. Romans, we... well, everyone does this...

  12. .....croak!!! oooze....ooozeee

    (elderly turns over on his side....)

    .....pourquoi....? quelle trieste


  13. Sorry...

    (chops head off)

    It was far to sentimental really...

  14. ..eek! a tad gory.... im going to throw up....