Jan 4, 2007

U.K. White Dwarf #325: Lording it out

Another nice WD it seems and this being the 3rd enjoyable issue (I got my dirty tentacles on) in a row, I've come up with my very own, very conspiratory, conspiracy theory: Games Workshop releases decent issues only after each new Warhammer version. Failure to comply with this directive of -apparently- alien origin, will spell sodomy for all of mankind. There's only one solution. Bathe. Oh and be kind enough to read the rest of this review of issue 325 of the UK White Dwarf.

General content and ads: The editorial is rather dull and the ads mostly Empire centered, with a tiny splash of 40k, Forgeworld and Black Library. There's also mention of the forthcoming and quite uninteresting Nemesis Crown WHFB summer campaign, a pretty decent and very basic painting-priming-modelling guide, a Hot Wire Cutter ad disguised into a scenery making article and an excellent new section of the mag called Painting Masters, which highlights the work of some of the top miniature painters (this month: Neil Langdown). The 6-pages long Game Day review is okay and the Frontline, Ordering Direct etc sections in their place. Jervis' article is as pointless as ever... (8/10)

Warhammer: Tons of Empire stuff, including a feature on the new army book, lots of pictures of the fantastic new miniatures (and sprues), a shockingly bad short-story and more importantly a pretty excellent Battle Report pitting 3000 points of Imperial Troops versus 3000 of Von Carstein Undead. Easily the best Battle Report of the last years. More Empire-related content includes a detailed look -with modelling advice- at the Empire General Kit and a detailed, masterclass level, painting the Master Engineer piece. The Empire's allies, the Dwarfs, also get their 5 pages of fame, in which a lovely gamer's army fights its way through a tournament. (8/10)

Warhammer 40k: Not much. Again. Thankfully though you do get a decent Tactica on the elegant art of the assault and an 'Eavy Metal look at Eldar heroes. That's all (!). (3/10)

Lord of the Rings: Warhosts of the Firstborn, spanning 10 pages, is the main (and admittedly the only) course for you pipe-smoking LotR lot, and it's a pretty amazing piece, providing a scenario, tactics advice, army ideas and even with interesting background information on Middle Earth. (5/10)

High point: The new battle report style. At last! They seem to have nailed it.

Low point: Far too much filler content and this still is a 4 pound mag.

In a nutshell: Decent issue, but definitely a must-buy for Empire players. Warhammer 40kers should better spend their money on liquor.

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  1. Good to know it's not complete crap like the issues you've meantioned in the past. Then again, magazines everywhere seem to be on a quality decline, which is unfortunate. All of us bloggers would be able to produce superior magazines then this ad-filled pieces of shit...

  2. Weeelll, can't say i disagree with you ross, but unfortunately putting together a magazine is extremely time-consuming and quite expensive. Other than that you'll need a dedicated team of more than 5-6 to pull it through.. Believe me, it's difficult... I've tried already...

  3. ..spend their money on liqour.... no say it isn't so... surely we should buy food and water......

    but a beautiful review nonetheless,

  4. (stumbles in much later... walking unsteadily.......)

    Late night birrs are the bestesthe invenshon since slizzed blread.....

    (collapses on floor.....)


  5. Ah yes! thank you elderly. I'll have some food, water and milk ready for your breakfast....

    (instructs porns to move the sleeping elderly to the harem)

  6. :0



    reads Gnomes note.......

    thank you Gnome... thank you, thank you, thank you..... (spots brunette.....) and thank you again...


  7. Don't mention it, really. That's what friends and gnomes are for... Like a cup of coffe now? tea, perhaps?

  8. The Grate Gnome just never leaves my schedule blank.
    Once again I am impressed by your work having just read trough your whole WarHammer section of this magnificent blog.

    Affections towards the wary game I had a long time,
    but now the fire is burning again, ignited by not a spark yet by an intense flame no average man has.
    I am a newcomer
    to the wary concept of the game,
    though i have "mastered"
    (on a sort of common scale)
    the computerized versions of both WarHammer regular and 40K,
    and would be bold enough to ask
    for your personal tips on
    how to learn more.


  9. Wow Nicolas, thanks for your extremely kind words. I'll go blush now...


    Ok, I'm back :)

    Anything you'd like to know, just feel free to mail me (that's what the cont@ct button is there after all), but let me tell you one thing. Warhammer (and 40k) is a ridiculously expensive hobby...

    Oh, and guess I'd rather hurrry with the Skull Pass review.

    Cheers and thanks again!

  10. "There's also mention of the forthcoming and quite uninteresting Nemesis Crown WHFB summer campaign"

    How the heck can you say the campaign is uninteresting when you don't know anything about it yet?

  11. I'm a frickin' seer, I am.