Jan 18, 2007

Gnomes and Zombies visit Siliconera

Just a short post to let you -yes, all 3 of you wise and insightful Gnome's Lair readers- know that I've already started contributing to the prestigious Siliconera gaming blog. You can read my fist post here. Please, do. It features Zombies.

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  1. There are actually plenty of us lurkers around... But now off you go and waste your seed (lurid grammar, obfuscate syntax) on some other infertile ground, like that guy from the Good Book...

  2. Uhm, yes... right, thanks! Sort of... Obfuscate? Nice word!

    See you re Yanni...

  3. ...(looks up obfuscate.......finds porn.......arrives back an hour later.....)

    ....see i knew you'd be famous, silconera.....

    (bows and prostrates himself before a greater entity....)

  4. Hit the link, signed up to the game.

    I take it you play? Are you a zombie or one of the 'normals'? ;-)

  5. (gnome bows back, once again entering the well known and quite banal bowing vicious cycle)

    Thank you Mr. Elderly!

    And, deqar Tom, I do play, and actually began (un)life as a Zombie, till some wanker thought reviving me would be a fine idea. Now I'm a silly member of the living with 4xp and no special abilities...

  6. they revived you?, bloody vandals.....

  7. My thoughts exactly. Thankfully I seem do be doing much worse now as a benevolent Zombie sort of infected me again! Ahhh, lovely....

  8. ..that makes me happy, secure in the knowledge that Gnomes can be Zombies if they really really want to.