Oct 4, 2006

Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure Walkthrough

Surprisingly (and in a rather disappointing way) both Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure and its walkthroughs have nothing to do with cracking real safes. Still, life goes on I guess. Oh, and Just Adventure has posted an excellent and quite illustrated walkthrough for the game, that can easily be reached by clicking here. For a less lavish solution try this link.

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  1. alright own up, who took the black ball......

  2. I am pretty sure it was the Safecracker...

  3. ?.... theres no safecracker in the picture.....

    ...oh.... now i get it... he's already left..... geeez!!

    I suppose you don't have he's mobile number.. only if not i'll just have to go back to the NES games....

  4. No, unfortunately I don't. Guess it's back to the NES games...

    And here's your ball...

  5. .......but.... Your!!! the safecracker?..... is there anything you can't do? thanks.....

    care for a game... loser buys the nest round......

    (glances over at french maid holding next round of drinks on a silver tray)

  6. Well, I definitely can't build safes and sure have trouble beating you at this damned game.

    Here are the drinks.

    (gnome hands 50 euros to waitress, having hopefully paid for another two rounds of drinks)

  7. ...next game I'll let you use the cue... skoll!!!

  8. Ah! It's a cue! Thought it was a very thin, quite long, baseball thingy...

  9. perhaps if you held it like this (shows gnome snooker cue holding stance) as opposed to this (baseball holding stance)

    no be gentle with it, it's the only cue i could find......

  10. Right, right... And I 'm supposed to poke the green stuff off the table... Correct?

  11. noooo!!! thats the baize, the baize is very important, if you rip the baize the balls won't roll properly and the owner will probably disembowel us....... no you hold the cue..... like so..... (notices the french maid has distracted Gnome...as she bends over to pick up the chalk.....)

    gnome!!! Gnome! GNOME!!!

    which is more important this game or the French Maid?

  12. Uhm...


    Let me see now...

    I know.

    It's the game!!!


  13. .....sigh!

    okay then when your ready... you break...... now remember the green baize stays in one piece...... and try not hit any of the balls of the table...

  14. Yes, but if a boll enters one of these ..uh.. holes, won't it be off the table?

  15. ..no if a ball falls in the pocket theres a fishnet stocking waiting to catch it... you bring the fishnet stocking back to the lady who owns it... she removes your balls and you come back here and put them on the table.....

    also the cushions on the table can be pulled out for a mid game siesta, which can bring the game into overtime mode

    overtime mode incurs certa....

    ... i'll tell you the rest as we go along......

  16. Woooow!

    You are so well-taught in the ways of the ninja. Hopefully I'll cope..

    (rofl^2 + lol^3)

  17. ..you'll be fine.... okay then take your time... concentrate....