Oct 16, 2006

Museum Monday #33

Monday. Yada yada. The worst day of the week and all that jazz. Museum Monday and retro links. Every week for the past 10 or so months... Kind of repetitive, isn't it? Well, no, not this Moday it isn't, for a) I'm in a pretty good mood (which I'm sure I'll soon regret), and b) there's no e-museum link. There's this excellent Evolution of Video Games video instead (by allgamesradio):

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  1. ...(chewing popcorn....) is the biker a road kill or what.... (rewinds)

  2. What was that last game.... -with the atv and biker? I have never played that one and it looked pretty cool... or has it not come out yet?
    That was an amazing show, I could watch a 2 hr special on all games for that matter.

  3. Utterly superb Gnome where do you get all this stuff? One slight gripe... the shortage of Dreamcast games featured in the compilation.
    But that's just nit pickin'
    I love the lair. Like LaToya and Michael... are you and the Elderly alter-ego's? There seems to be something symbiotic in your relationship... I'm hiking over to his gaff now...

  4. Don't know Deitrix, but it does look very next-gen.... Oh, and have a browse over at YouTube... It's got amazing content and tons of documentary like stuff... I'll be posting more too... :)

  5. Thanks a ton -again- oh holiest of Fathers (Krishnas). And I'll have a look for DC vids too... DC demoscene vids even...

    And no Elderly is not symbiotic to me, despite his most wise of blogs... No. He's simply threatening me...

  6. Just about to go back in time on Museum Monday. BTW Gnome your encouragement and kind words have been integral to my own minimal blogging output. Initially just a fanboy of TeeLeeCee and the 'Yard. After being given my initial chance to spout some crap by Tom, I'm now sold into the whole scene, and more excited about the prospect of sharing my random thoughts with like-minded heads than I could have thought possible...
    This is ace!
    Anyway I've got some reading/watching/commenting to do...

  7. Hope you enjoy Museum Monday, and glad you actually entered the whole blogging thing... Really love your writing and humor. Why don't you and Tomleece start another -broader in scope- blog (without of course daring to think to minimize input @ the Yard)?

    Respectzzzz ;)

    And who knows, I might just pop into Manchester sometime this year... Got a very close friend there and I haven't seen her for a while...

  8. Jesus! Gnome! You'd always be a welcome guest in my lair if you ever swung by this particular metropolis! Tom will be out of the arena for a while due to a change in circumstances, but please look me up if you are ever in the 'hood.
    The Gagaman has been a relatively quiet team member of late, but let's not forget the outstanding contributions he has consistently made up until now..

  9. I will look you up, but I shouldn't expect me visiting the isles before March... Mind you, I didn't forget Gagaman... it's only he already has more of his writing and stuff around both the blogosphere and YouTube.

  10. Cool, whenever you hit town email me and we'll meet. OK! it's on...
    In the mean time I will research the Gnome's Lair and familiarise myself with your machinations!
    Plus dippimg into the Elderly's residence and deitrix's art-world of which I am fittingly impressed..

  11. Already mailed back ;)

    Have fun in the Lair, only please don't break anything... You can rampage Deitrix's and Elderly's places instead!


    I said that? Oh, dear, dear...

  12. (covered in plaster and feathers elderly enters.....)

    Gnome I'd like a word with you!

    Did you suggest to a certain fatherkrishna that he could go on a ramp........ (reads comments......)

    thought as much.... welll

    (produces slip of paper.....)

    here's the bill....

    in the meantime i'm staying here till the repair work has been carried out......... the removal van will be here shortly with my stuff)... now if you'll excuse me, i having a shower....

  13. Yes, well, I, uh, meant it in a metaphorical way... Really. A joke of sorts... Anyway. It's nice having you here. Let me show you the Acropolis... Yes, I know it's pretty much a ruin...

  14. (standing on the steps of the Acropolis naked and dripping with water elderly turns to Gnome)

    ........please some warning in future... now if you could beam me back?

  15. Back? No way... How about the Taj Mahal? It's really something you know... Luxuriant, white and old. Just like an old white elephant.

  16. Why does my place look like its been hit by a tornado!!!
    (DEITRIX draws handgun)
    I can tell someones been here... the place is in flames! -and the writing on the wall that says " Hey Deitrix, I stopped by your place"... For sure I believe someone has been here..??

  17. ......Gnome what am i doing standing naked in front of the Taj Mahal..... beam me back this instance...... ...hey is that a freakin elephant!.....

  18. No.. That's a freaked out elephant. Mind you, a freakin' elephant is always preferable.

    What will you do?>

  19. ?...what do you mean what'll i do... i'm standing naked in front of the taj Mahal, siz foot away from an elephant that seems to have lost it's marbles, ..Gnome beam me outta here...!!!!


    (feverishly starts typing)


    the elephant starts dancing


  20. >Vulgar language does not compile. What will you do?


  21. what will i do.... how much time have I ?..... anyone remember the elephants name.... ..... jeez....

    >dumbo sit
    >elephant sit

    elephant, india, naked gamer, am... what have they in common.... think elderly, think

    (elephant stand on hind legs towering over the naked gamer....)


    >call the snake charmer

    ...the snake charmer arrives, and blows a melancholy tune on his melancholy tune maker...

    the elephant sits down....and use his trunk to lift you on his back....

    you are naked,
    you are sitting on the elephant
    you see a snake charmer

    gnome for ....heavens sake.. .get me outta here....

  22. Oh come on... you're doing so well... I mean,if it weren't a text only game I'd be taking those impressive screenshots to parade all over the net....


    Still want out? Still want to miss all the fun and adventure to be has in a stereotyped starving country?

    You sure?

  23. ...ah let me think


    or haven't you ever sat buck naked on a elephants back, with Japanese tourists taking photographs.....

  24. Ok. as you wish...


    You're free to leave by typing "exit".

  25. .....type? i dropped the keyboard... when i got lifted by the elephant.... hold on....

    ....hello mr snake charmer....

    (elderly points towards keyboard...... then to himself, snakecharmer smiles, then bows, then puts keyboard inside his sarong and walks away.....)

    hey no! hey wait.... hold on


  26. Really! What can I do?

    Dropping the keyboard was not a good idea, I can tell you that. And give you a piece of advice: always hold on to your input device...


    It won't happen again mind you...

    (gnome types "exit" in huge mainframe.... Elderly returns to the real - non cyber world)

  27. (picks himself up off Gnomes carpet....)
    Oh thank you Gnome, you can't imagine how difficult that was.......

    (suddenly elderly face turns red)

    forgot my towel....

    (runs out of room....)

  28. (gnome sells hot off the press nudie pics of elder gentleman to tabloids. Gnome gets money. Edlerly gets groupies.)


  29. ....(comes rushing into Gnomes room.... fully clothed)

    oh my jeez, i'm all over the net..... turn on the computer...... i'm naked.... someone must have taken a photographs of me in india..... bet it was that fecking snake charmer.... look... at this..!
    ghastly...... when i was leaving hope they're were paparazi outside my home, and just now i got a call from the guiness book of world records saying that i might possible qualify for the smallest penis in the World....

    im finished.... i'll hide out here for a couple of days if thats okay.... i can trust you...... hell this is terrible.....

  30. You can't hande publicity, obviously. Don't worry. I'll put my managerial, whore-herding and PR skills to use...

    Meanwhile, yeah, do hide here. Feel at home. Heck, we can even play some Warhammer... Till the Press Conference is ready.

    Then, we pull a Blitzkrieg on the Media and Entertainent world. Fool-proof.

  31. .... thank you Gnome, thats just unbeleivable.... the time will be well spent playing warhammer.... oh the shame, who would have done such a thing.....in fact... !....

    ....what press conference?

  32. Uhm... I wouldn't worry really... Even the Zappatistas hold them.. I thought it'd be sufficiently pop. Trendy even.