Oct 9, 2006

Museum Monday #32

Monday. And this time I'm pretty sure you must have managed to notice it. Black birds flying in formations only known to half-mad occultists, weird dreams affecting the sensitive and the artistic, World of Warcraft featured in South Park, Cthulhu sneezing, hard drives crashing, exorcists loosing battles to (very) minor demons and spyware infecting pr0n, should have alerted you to what's really going on. The omens my friends are clear. This is Zogging Hell!!!

Well, actually, this is Zogging Hell!!! And this can be visited by clicking at this zoggingly hellish link. There, you'll be able to access an unholy wealth of gaming information on the mainstream, the obscure and the plain weird. Information ranging from the Atari ST and the unreleased Atari Panther, to the SEGA Dreamcast and the crap-tastic Amstrad GX4000 console. Oh, and expect to find some Nintendo stuff too...

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  1. no unloved floppies, no c64... but oh what a host of oddities... thank you maestro.......

  2. whispers under his breath one floppy disc wouldn't hurt

  3. It never does... Care for some cream with it?

  4. ..? lol.... (retains stoic expression) wait i'll try digesting it first.......

  5. ...floppy on the inside...kinda crisply on the outside.... 3.5"