Oct 2, 2006

Museum Monday #32

Monday. A typical one really, as spirits are typically down, typically tiring days will foreseeably follow and the anti-viral software just doesn't feel like having a nice ol' update. How typical. Guess I could just end it all, in typical Black Adder fashion, under a handcrafted tombstone reading "Here lays Gnome and his absolutely pissed ". Then again I could just opt to ignore things as puny as weekdays.

On to Museum Monday number 32 then. A nice and modestly safe visit to Rune's PC Museum, made possible by merely following this simple but elegant link. Expect such amazing exhibits as the first PC, the first portable computer and the first true laptop. Oh, and of course quite a collection of fondly remembered computers like the Commodore PET, the Macintosh Classic, the Apple II, the Speccy and the Oric-1.

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  1. I've got the day off. Woohoo!

    And I've updated too :-)

  2. Ah yes... Sonic... A great read my friend...

  3. That looks like a freakin' microwave..!
    -Or a WWII radio.. take your pick.

  4. (spots microwave...attempts to reclaim it....)

    Why is my microwave superglued to your front page?

  5. This microwave even comes in a Steal Batalion camo box!

  6. It's a freaking portable PC you know... damn villagers.

    tsk, tsk

  7. lol.... a PC..... and i suppose the bits of scrambled eggs on the door window are sprites...... good one......

  8. Aaaarrgg I forgot an (L) in batallion up there...

    eggs sound good, going to go make some now for breakfast!
    ... portable pc... Oh' you mean after you load it on a truck... I see!

  9. yeah i lose a lot of letter on Gnomes Blog, I think it's becaue of th brand nw non dust gatherng surfce, i normally find them down the botm of the comment post later on.

    (see here they are........hands Deitrix back his l)