Aug 1, 2006

U.K. White Dwarf 320: Almost half-decent

White Dwarf 319 was both a disgrace for Games Workshop and an insult to the throngs of its unwashed readers. This is the only reason why U.K. White Dwarf 320 feels like an almost decent gaming magazine. Actually it is not. It's just a slight improvement over the previous abomination, a bit longer (weighing in at almost 130 pages) and has the great benefit of being released just one month ahead of the 7th edition of Warhammer.

Still, oh most benevolent of Warhammer addicts, bare with me as I review this latest of Games Workshop's periodical publication.

Alas, old friend. What have they done to you?

Generic content and ads: Quite a few pages of non-content infest the mag, including a pointless editorial, ads on the forthcoming Legions of Middle Earth LoTR expansion along with ads on a lot of relevant miniatures, quite a few and rather interesting Warhammer 7th edition advertisements and some 40k and Black Library stuff. Jervis Johnson's Standard Bearer column is almost interesting and manages not to reveal any important information whatsoever, the Games Day 2006 preview is as inspiring as these things can get (not very much) and the store & club finder pages have returned. Mind you, there's also a 3-page long and admittedly beautifully illustrated The Art of Games Workshop teaser article. (6/10)

Lord of the Rings: A nice presentation of the Legions of Middle-Earth book, coupled with a related and decently written Battle Report. Other than that, The Two Towers expansion gets showcased, as do quite a few of new and not-so-new minis. (6/10)

Warhammer: All you get is a pesky 4-page attempt at pushing some Lizardmen army books, that can hardly be considered an article and 5 pages of okay(ish) High Elf painting tips. That's it. Nothing else. Nada. Rien. Nichts. Vaguely interesting information on the 7th edition can only be glimpsed at in the ads. Pathetic. (0/10)

Warhammer 40k: A short and text impoverished Battle Report between the Ultramarines (Gasp! What an unexpectedly unexpected surprise!) and the Necrons, 4 fluffy and useful pages on the Eldar Rangers, and an impressive Ork Speed Freeks army, is all you get. Oh, yes, a Tyranid "Death form Above" force is showcased too. (4/10)

Highest point: The free Warhammer 7th edition poster. On one side it features the brilliantly illustrated Battle for Skull Pass cover, while the other offers an nice glimpse at forthcoming WHFB goodies.

Low point: The patronizing Lizardmen "article" and the continuing lack of Specialist Games content.

In a nutshell: You know... the usual stuff. You probably shouldn't buy this issue. Better wait for the next one. It will have 2 free minis with it (a goblin and a dwarf).

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  1. the mag might be semi useless, but the review was ace. Problem is of course, when you do eventually come across a decent copy, i'll have to go out and buy it......

  2. You do that... But it would be rather pointless without actually buying some minis first... And their already ridiculous pirates are going up (up n' away).

  3. No..not pirates... prices... It's just I was thinking one can't actually pirate miniatures...


  4. I could just look at the pretty pictures........ (smells gnomes coffee.....) i see you've got a head start on hydra.......

  5. Well, the pictures are pretty... Still... The smell isn't worth it. Rather prefer a coffee to a dwarf...

    Ahh.. Hydra...

  6. i'll make a fresh pot of tea and you can tell me all about it..... well the salient points at least.....

  7. You mean all about the sharks and the wasted whale and the shouting cannibal marine-bilogists? Sure, why not?

  8. here you go...... (pours some tea... adds some whisky... passes out the ginger snaps)

    Snap....... (ginger screams)

    tell me bout the waste whale first....

  9. It was quite wasted y'know. A terrible site... Messed half the country up... Then the Fighters for Islam came and the poor thing relaxed...

    O, adn, who's ginger?

  10. ginger's my next door neighbour.... well i like to call her ginger.... yeah them islam fighters have great techniques...... they blew her up didn't they? well that's relax me too......

  11. No, no, they didn't blow nothing up.. They simply sang old anti-british songs and the por thing just slept like a baby. Then they blew it up.

    Give my regards to ginger...

  12. will do........(heads next door to ginger..........)

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    the old blown up in your sleep ploy, sneaky but effective......

  13. What does she mean whose gnome?

    The people's off course...


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    gingers moved house!

  15. well theres a good side and a bad side, the good side is I won't have to run next door to ginger anymore, the bad news is that ginger never got to know you. Not in the biblical sense of course...