Aug 28, 2006

Museum Monday #27

Monday. I almost missed this desperate feeling of general tiredness, grumpiness and gloom, you know. Almost. Well, almost almost. Anyway, as now Monday is officially and quite unavoidably back (it actually started today at around 7:30 in the morning), so is its Museum.

(cue epic porn music played on cheap melodica)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I humbly present Museum Monday no. 27: the Return of the M. A retro flavored post regarding a rich, even if not-so-well-presented virtual museum, mostly featuring old computers, peripherals, joysticks, magazines, calculators and a generally healthy dose of downloadable retro stuff. A post regarding Computer Museum Tonh.

An Apple II joystick.

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  1. i've got a 7:30am on my alarm clock, but i rarely see it, cept in the evening..

    (Takes out harmonica.... plays porn music....)

  2. Watches porn... grabs ahold of his, erm.. Apple Joystick... and enjoys himself by playing some classic games...

  3. I dear Elderly see it on very special occasions... Usually when not in the best of moods.

    (Gnome grabs elderly's harmonica and ross' joystick)

    Enough. Both of you. Behave.

  4. jeez that must have been painful...... (watchs ross's porn dvd)

  5. (discreetly shoots DVD)

    Just a minute... Whose place are we at?

  6. I dont know, but I heard some gun shots that appeared to hit my DVD player... good thing I bought a bullet proof DVD player though...

    By the way, was that Gnome who walked through my house? And I thought the Elderly was there too...

    *runs off to Elderly's to look at his (extremely large) porn collection, walks out with quite a few DVDs...*

    What a day...

  7. Ross I'll buy a new lamp mate... And even give you my special edition DVDs (all of them extended version).

    Sorry for messing up the place. Didn't realize where we were...

  8. yeah where are we? and why am i back in gnomes house? neat dvd player........... no problem ross, but i want "making barbie" volume 14 back....if thats okay

    ??? why would anyone need an extended edition porn video.......

  9. Uhmmm... let me see... to brag about it? To show off his amazing spending capacity? He's a fan?

  10. oh..... hadn't thought of that... see that's why you should be in charge of the next round of drinks....