Jul 27, 2006

Retro Carnival: The Second Coming

The hats might be a bit on jingly side, the acrobats slightly arthritic and the freak show freaky in a vintage way, but this is the biggest Retro Carnival ever! Featured oddities include: The Amazing Sea Monkeys, The Impossible Impossible Mission, The Hungry AMSTRAD, The Voluptuous SNES, The Heroic HeroQuest, The Kinky French Extra and The Fantastic Dreamcast.

Besides, this is the cyber equivalent of an ancient temple (construction started in the '50s). You just have to dress silly and visit the Retro Carnival 2nd edition!

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  1. jingle....... jang..... jing itch! jingle jing

    a "bit" he says..... I didn't get a wink of sleep last night


  2. Well, you weren't supposed to sleep with it.


    I'll just iron the bloody thing... We can't go like that.

  3. ......... sorry, I didn't Gnow,

    (hands hat to gnome......)
    jingle jingl.. ji

    I mean how was i suppose to gnow, it wasn't like it came with instructions, anyway it's my first carnvial.....

    (scratches blister, rubs swollen eyelids.........)

  4. Hmm...you're rght. Stop scratching.


    See? Its over now. Take the silly hat off...

  5. what? it's over? but where were all the semi-clad females and the music and the...... wait you mean i suffered two sleepless nights wearing that bloody hat for no reason.....

    (another blister pops, ooze oozes down the side of elderlies face....)

  6. a) beware of oozing ooze my friend...
    b) who said anything about half-clad ladies?
    c) it wasn't all ad :)
    d) it wasn't all bad
    e) the hat is beautiful (if unhealthy)

  7. i presumed that carnivals....ok no semi-clad females on a blog carnival.... you know reality isn't all it's cracked up to be....

  8. You are once again correct Mr. Elderly. That's after all the reason we drink the ammounts we do...

  9. so it's not the taste then.... that figures.........

  10. Nope, just the thick and rich texture...

    (ad brought to you by GnomeAds)

    Disclaimer: Don't drink and drive. Better smoke and fly.

  11. ahhh the flying bit dosen't work....... (shows gnome the scars on his knees.......)

  12. Hmm... you must certainly have done something wrong.

  13. your right, but i can't figure it, the top of the stairs is a great take off area.......

  14. No! No! It's hardly tall enough...