Jul 17, 2006

Museum Monday #23

Monday. A lot of it actually. Far too much for me to even attempt to write something (even marginally) entertaining. Really. Just click here, and you'll be transported to the Video Game Memorabilia Museum, mostly exhibiting (yes, you've got it) an astounding collection of video game memorabilia. Have fun.

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  1. praise is probably superflous but here goes anyway

    Yahooooooooooo! a chrome mog.....

  2. Hooooorah for Jap hip taste!!!

  3. I wish stuff like that was more mainstream here in the states. I had a Ryu key-chain a good while ago until I lost on of his arms and torso. Never found another replacement since (Curse you GameStop.)

    Oh, most excellent post Gnome buddy.

  4. Oh, but thank you most excellent co-blogger (and at ths moment commentor) Gamer C...

    Perhaps a trip to Japan is in order?

  5. Gnome you beat me to it. I was just about to blog about the same thing, oh well I will just go ahead and be branded a copycat

  6. Feel free to. Really... of course I'll just have to post somethng on parody retro stickers then, but that's ok...


  7. ......what don't tell me someones posted parody retro stickers.....

    no.....it cant be....it took me over two hou.....

    (erases parody retro post........
    .........puts on tinfoil hat)

  8. can i take the carnival hat of now please?

  9. Oh... come on... See? I'm wearing one too!

  10. okay okay then, but no funny "hat" comments or i'm going bald headed.

  11. (jangle....)

    these %$!!& bells, why do i get the hat with the bells, huh!

    (jingle...) jeez....

  12. it was the expensive one....

    ...I thought you'd love it...

  13. jingle,

    ......gee i didn't know that, you gave me the most expensive one?

    runs over to gnome

    jing, jang, jin, jillin, gling

    your a real pal! (gives gnome a big hug)