Jun 12, 2006

The World Cup tracker

As -apparently- the World Cup is what's important this summer, I guess I'll just have to share a nice little email attachment I received. An excellent World Cup 2006 tracker in excel format, that unexpectedly keeps track of the World Cup. Who'd have thought? Anyway. You can download it here and then feel grateful.

On the other hand you could try wasting your time by having a look at the latest Museum Monday (actually posted a few minutes ago), an excellent freeware retro remake or by marveling at Adrian Smith's art.

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  2. Not yet,no, but that's what our beloved Francesco is supposed to help with...


    Are you really watching the World Cup??

  3. (stirs his tea rather too loudly) We (Ireland) shoulda been there. Ghana Italy was memorable.

  4. Yes, you should have been. Besides, last time Ireland did do quite well and played some nice football.

    On the other hand, we thankfully aren't there...

  5. Come on - Greece won Euro 2004 not so long ago!

    And England are there again...but to be fair while our team looks good on paper - are we likely to win it? Erm...

  6. Yes, but Greece also managed to play horrible and totally German-style defensive and slow football, that actually destroyed any pleasure the Euro could have provided us (humanity, that is)... Besides, the Czech republic should have won the 2004 cup.

    As far as England are concerned, I didn't expect them to play that bad on their first match, but yes... it does sound (on paper at least) like one of the better teams of recent years... Italy was almost decent yestererday.

  7. Actually, Gnome, I'm not watching the World Cup. And I doubt Wedge is either...

    How are our countries doing (U.S. and Canada?)

  8. Well, Canada isn't participating and the US have already lost their first match. Other than that, I believe you should have a look. Seems like a great World Cup.

  9. A classic World Cup, I've got numb saggy buttocks to prove it. (no theres an image I shouldn't have introduced)

  10. I've got empty beer cans and pizza boxes to prove it...

  11. Another shockingly dire performance from england against trinidad last night. Although gerrard's strike was spectacular and the less said about crouch the better...

    Ross, you should really watch the world cup - it actually has other countries from around the world playing in it! You know, like the world series...

  12. But why? I do believe Crouch is the Hollywood inspired comedy-sidekick character... He's allready given so much to laugh at during the season. Let him do his encore...

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