Jun 8, 2006

More games from Athens

Visit Greece. Live your Myth. Meet the police.


  1. I wonder if he's having any second thoughts..?

  2. Hmmm, the greek police don't take any shit do they?! We could do with a few in Manchester - they'd sort the anti-social yob hordes out.

  3. Oh, they do take... A series of photos of police gear, won during street fights, where quite popular this year... Besides they had 10 wounded on their side too.

  4. Someone should take the uniforms from them and give them the t-shirts and baseball bats they so obviously aspire to.

    Hope to hell there's an inquiry.

  5. Oh, don't worry, no need to. Besides, their baseball bat, t-shirted skinhead fascist (the Nationalist Front shitheads) friends tried to help them out...

  6. More info:



  7. They used teargas?......on a peaceful civil protest?

    have the Police completely lost the plot?

    The laughable "Panel of experts" should be stripped of their nationality, only nutters intent on provoking civil unrest, would attempt to veto constitutional entitlements without a referendum.

    How is this being kept out of the mainstream media?

  8. Luckily Gnome is safe in his lair...

    Needless to say they know how to keep people in line over there...

    Now if they only filmed COPS in Greece...

  9. Mr Elderly, in Greece at least, this is the major subject on mainstream media. That's something, I guess...

    And, Ross, don't think they didn't try, but the channel that decided to try a cops series found itself drowned in garbage...