Jun 6, 2006

Images from the Console Wars

Apparently, Wii, is the great console-war favorite. Everyone laughed at the name and then fell in love with the quirky little thing. It's the Brazil of the console-war. What will happen on the high-tech front though, is anyone's guess. Will it be the XBOX 360 or will it be the PS3 (the winner that is)? The answer should be obvious. It is to me, you know. Just compare the web structure of sony.com and microsoft.com, as shown on the following pics (created through this impressive web-thingy), and you'll figure it out too:

microsoft's .com

sony's .com

Everything clear? Good. Now, have a look at something more retro. Then again, why not at some free games or obscure computers?

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  1. I tried it, like a kid with a new toy result? I'm either set for world domination or an acute case of spider veins.

  2. Not to worry. World domination isn't all bad.

  3. Yes, I know all about it...

    The world dominator has spoken.

  4. I dunno, they say it changes you, oh well onwards and upwards (the domination bit, not the veins), now that just came out all wrong.

  5. Please, stop your filthy fetish discussion. Thank you.

    Now, behave, or I'll call Mistress.

  6. Good thing Im a scientist and can understand all these DNA charts.... they are DNA charts arent they.....