Jun 11, 2006

Fictional Reality issue 24

I had started doubting its existence, but evidently I was simply over-reacting. Fictional Reality, the best (and admittedly only) wargame, RPG and miniature related PDF magazine, is back. Download issue 24 @ fictionalreality.org and stay happy. It even has an Albrecht Duerer cover! On the other hand, the World Cup is getting more and more interesting...

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  1. Angelina Jolie for Warmachines Sorcha (even with the weight problem).

    Conran the octogenarian is not such a far stretch of the imagination (coughs!)

    Thank you you've just sated my thirst for minatures, and affordable at that.

  2. Always trying to be.

    ...affordable that is.



  3. You make so effortless, it's all I can do to get a free wallpaper the right size.

  4. Hey! I've scanned your blog a bunch of times. But with all these free game plugs you have and your facscination with retro"ware" I figured you may enjoy this site.


    I also figured you'd know of it allready. But hey i felt like contributing.

  5. Wow, Gnome, you're the first person I heard talk about the soccer World Cup...

    I woulden't think our country does too well in soccer...

  6. Mr. Elderly: :) (typical answer, isn't it?)

    Wedge: Conributions are always appreviated my friend... Thanks a lot (even though I did know of the new Underdogs site address)

    Ross: It's not soccer. It's football.