May 29, 2006

Museum Monday #16

Monday. It really starts getting a) repetitive and b) tiring. Somebody, please, stop this horrid day. Drive a stake through its rotten ol' heart. Or, let's at least call it something else. Better though, abolish it altogether. Burn the day. Yes. That would be really humane on a humanity level.

On the other hand, as long as the human race is stuck with Mondays, I am stuck with Museum Mondays, which admittedly can be rather fun. Especially when dealing with Psygnosis, a true video gaming legend and creator of such (mostly Amiga) gems as Shadow of the Beast, Lemmings and Blood Money. Of course later on, Psygnosis shifted towards the PC and Playstation market, but it would be better if you found out the rest yourselves. By visiting a relevant virtual museum (of sorts). Have a look at You'll love it.

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  1. Sniff! Chronoquest, with the greaseproof paper codebreaker thingy, for amiga, they knew how to package games in those days.

  2. And the boxart, in typical Psygnosis fashion, was amazing too...

  3. Shadow of the Beast was a great game, providing you didn't mind the linearity and had a cheat to hand! The music was excellent, and the parallax scrolling on the 8 bit conversion(s?) was a rare thing too. Come to think of it, Psygnosis's equally classic Wipeout 2097 must be a good decade old and officially "retro" by now. That's a scary thought!

    It was a real shame to see Psygnosis go. I suppose Codemasters must be the last company of that era still with us.

  4. Great Monday, Gnome, as usual, and thanks for the Digg post! You got my site like 130 hits or more...

    And I'm late this week :-( Six minutes that is...

    It sucks that your Monday was bad... I had the day off. And yep, you heard that right, I'm spreading false prophecies again. But another damn Monday where I have to work my ass off will teach me to stop...

  5. KDE, I guess I'll have to admit that Shadow of the Beast was a tough and linear bastard, but its sequel was just impossible. Never thought of Wipeout as retro though. Oh, dear.

    Ross, glad you enjoyed MM and always glad to digg friends' blogs... And you had another decent Monday. That's heresy...

  6. Well, I learned my lesson today, Gnome. Tuesday bit me hard in the ass... Not only did I wake up extremely exhausted and tired, I also had a somewhat nasty cold as well.

    A lesson learned: dont spread false information about a good Monday... next Monday or the next day will show you not to...

    I had to learn the hard way :-(

  7. See? You shouldn't have tempted fate.