May 22, 2006

Museum Monday #15

Monday. I woke up due to a smashing headache at 6:00 in the morning, noticed that people (well, one at least) have -almost anxiously- been waiting for the next installment in the epic Museum Monday series, swallowed a variety of painkillers at 7:00, behaved in a scientific fashion for a few hours, and finally swore never to drink cheap wine or anything bootlegged again. At last I feel ready to decently face a new week and ... er ... Museum Monday #15.

It apparently is about the Mind Machine Museum. An interesting little (Wii) museum of vintage computers, calculators, computer/electronic games and various other obscure artifacts of the first digital era, like this -admittedly crude- teleconference system:

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  1. Now I see where they got idea for a laptop (1978 Microcomputer in a suitcase)and the PC notebook (IASIS computer in a book). Now my brain cells are expanding, which is good.

  2. Quickly. Drink. Anything will do. Expanding brain-whatevers can't be good.