May 8, 2006

Museum Monday #13

Monday. Museum Monday. The 13th Museum Monday in a row, to be more precise. I guess I should have known better than that, as things really couldn't go worse ... well, at least not by a lot. Still. I'll be fine without a car. It's gonna be 20 fine days of walking and gymnastics. Bloody excellent.

As far as Museum Monday is concerned, I am afraid there will be no virtual museum this time. No. Nada. Nein. Niet. Only a link to a museum's worthy exhibit. Visit this nice corner of the cyberspace and have a look at Apple's 1984 Newsweek advertising insert. See what the Macintosh was all about.

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  1. Another Monday, another superb museum from Gnome's Lair. Of extra special interest to me because I used to sell Macs for a living - I'm an 'Apple Product Professional' too! (at least I was in 2004).

    As for walking- why not get a bike? Environemtally friendly and super economic...perfect!

  2. Thank you so much *blush* ... As for the bike, I am all for it, but not so well-suited for hellish & oriental Athens. I might try it though! Cheers, mate...

  3. I made sure to comment on Museum Monday before the day ended! (Its not quite 12:00 yet here, and its still Monday).

    Great post, Gnome, straight from the lair!

    I dont know too much about Apple.

  4. Thanks ross... And all you should ever need to know on Apple, is that the design is great. That's (almost) all there is to it. They are the B&O of PCs.