Apr 22, 2006

You are -quite clearly- over(re)acting dear

Being funny is difficult, while simply trying to be isn't. Still, not being funny could lead you to being almost ridiculous, which is a good thing, as your audience will get to laugh, thus making you an almost successful comedian. This is what dialectics is all about. Well, in a way at least. Are you following me? Great. Now, watch this video. It's a DOOM 3 related 'joke' I found in Google Video.

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  1. Hmmm, I don't think anyone is such a ponce that they over-react like that to a game. Sure, Doom 3 made me jump a few times, but that guy must be taking the p*ss...

  2. You're right... And SoulCalibur is (perhaps) best geme evah!!!

  3. perhaps... But I haven't played it yet...