Mar 12, 2006

The Thorians have arrived

Inquisitor, a rare hybrid of RPG and wargame by Games Workshop (set in the grim Warhammer 40k universe, where dark eras and war is all you get), is a game I should have already reviewed for your eyes -oh! most revered and wise readers. Apparently I haven't, but I can promise I soon will. While you are waiting (please don't stand, take a seat, it might just take a while) you could of course download the free pdf version of the Inquisitor rulebook from the Specialist Games site.

Now, take a look at the following picture.

Good. Like it? Even better, for this is the cover of a very nice and totally free Inquisitor source book, just published from Specialist Games/Games Workshop. As you should have gathered it's about the Thorians, an inquisitorial cult dating from the ancient days of the 36th millennium, usually looking something like this:
You can download the Thorian sourcebook from here. Then again, you might just want to read something about Warhammer or even Space Hulk. Some rumors perhaps? No? Ok, I'll give you a simple tactics article instead.

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  1. Sounds good, and yes, I'm seated!

  2. Great. That relaxed me...

  3. (pulls up a seat, opens a packet of chocolate digestives)