Mar 9, 2006

Is everything quiet on the adventurers' front?

Hmmm. Guess not. A new version of the very good, manga-styled, indy adventure the White Chamber has been just released, featuring 4 more alternative endings (that's 8 altogether), a voice-over and multilingual text support. In case you were wondering, it's a horror game, that just so happens, doesn't cost a thing (it's freeware dummy). Had I bothered to review it, which apparently I haven't, I guess I'd have assigned it a grade of around 7/10. It is , of course, wiser to see for yourselves. Visit Studio Trophis. That should do it.

Onto the Vampyre Story front then. Well, nothing much is happening there, but the fact that the news page of the Autumn Moon Entertainment website has been updated (featuring only a few links though), reveals the rather happy detail, that this project hasn't died. Mind you, it is not any project. It is Bill Tiller's (and co.) of Lucasarts fame project. Find out more by clicking here, here or just visiting the games' site.

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  1. Interesting, very interesting. To be informed about adventure games I just have to go to Gnome's blog... erm, lair. Good job keeping yours up!

  2. Impressive, begining to wonder why I bought a xbox360, hi ho hi ho of to torrent I go..........

  3. You actually coughed up all that dough for a 360? Well, if you enjoy it....

  4. my housemate got Call of Duty 2 today. Not really impressed...although he says he has that new Ghost Recon on order so I'll reserve judgement.