Mar 15, 2006

The Cow Race is on!

It's rather obvious, isn't it? The second episode of Bone is ready to be unleashed. In April. The webpage over at Telltale's joint has gone live, previews are appearing all over the place (well at IGN and Adventure Gamers, to be more precise) and the official forums have just opened their gates. In case you haven't got it, the name of the game will be Bone: The Great Cow Race, and it seems like it will be richer, longer, more detailed and less action-oriented than the original Bone. Joy. Screenshot (for more take a look here):

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  1. Another interesting sounding game... I need to try some of these games sometime but I'm still working on my huge backlog of unbeaten games :-(

  2. You'll soon be able to d/l a demo... Give it a try ross...