Feb 1, 2006

Be creative. Build Games.

Remember the beautiful Apprentice? (The game. I mean, the game you perverts) How about trying to achieve something equally impressive yourself? You could even avoid using the (excellent and simple) AGS authoring system. You could go for something completely different, like the second edition of the Point and Click Development Kit.

For those of you that didn't quite get it: PaC-DK ver.2 is the second version of PaC-DK. It is out now. Let's you create adventures. Lot's of built-in graphics effects. Easy use. Nice. Free. Check out. Now. Ugh!

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  1. Speaking of building games...how about revisiting a really old game - Revamped?

    Ultima V: Lazarus

    You remember Ultima, don't you?

  2. Hey Ultima5..... I'm about to review your mod!!! And y.c. I don't know Revamped, or at least can't remeber it right now... :)

  3. fantastic.. great for guys starting out who are scared of mod teams

  4. I meant to say Ultima V revamped...