Jan 19, 2006

The XBOX360 'Brick-o-lage'?

Just bought your shiny new XBOX 360? Did you even manage to avoid meeting the infamous red lights of death?

Great. Now let us see what you'll do about the wonderful (and to be quite frank the ridiculously huge) power supply Microsoft designed. Hah. Take a look at what the 1UP staff came up with by clicking right here.

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  1. Good one gnome (the brick story at 1up.com)...

    Yeah...with all the miniaturization of the Computer Chips (e.g. 65nm manufacturing process)...you would think by now they would have developed a smaller power adaptor for normal appliances.

    By the way, what's the "Red Lights of Death?"

  2. three lights that turn red when something is (definetely) wrong with the XBOX... the equivalent of the windows (fondly remembered) blue screen of death...

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