Jun 21, 2007

The World of Padman frantic 'n' free FPS thingy

Suppose a mad scientist crossed a smurf, Superman, the Quake engine and lots of colorful weaponry. What would he come up with? Not much, surely. Suppose, now, a talented -mainly German- modding team got the same ingredients, updated to the Quake III: Arena engine and added a splash of humor. What would they come up with? But, The World of Padman of course, a brilliant freeware FPS.

The game, a hefty 550MB download, is a hectic shooter set in cartoony world, that utilizes the now open-source Q3 engine and features 3 distinct game modes, a dozen or so maps and some genuinely bizarre weapons and power-ups. Get it right here and, while you're at it, do have a stroll around the official WoP site. Oh, and just to make sure, know that this is a standalone game, not a mod. There's is no need to have anything Quake III related installed. What's more the game runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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  1. clever clever germans... are smurfs related to gnomes?

  2. Wow...looks like a nice game LAN parties. LOL.

    and yeah, its good to be back. Sorry for the drag cos there was too many things happening

  3. So does this have a single player mode?

    Or is it just multiplayer?

    Or does it have a half-assed single player mode like Quake 3?

  4. Smurfs... Germans.. Gnomes... OUCH!

    My head hurts...

  5. Smurfs? Noooo. Definitely not, Mr' Elderly. They are Belgian. Well, ok. Just a little.

    Well, slackogamer, welcome bakc again mate.

    Caleb, there is a singl player mode of sorts, but it's against (very good) bots. Guess more like the half-assed Q3 thing...

    'ere, have an Aspirin dear Father. Ever met a germanic smurf?

  6. Uhmmm, why not? Blue is fine...

  7. (considers gnomes rationale....)

    yep your right blue is fine, no need to wonder.. blue is as good a colour as any other...

    ..im glad I met you, life is much less complicated...


  8. Iced tea. Think I'll start teaching my brilliant philosophy for a fee...

  9. iced tea and then we can discuss.... fee?.... any discount for pensioners?

  10. Of course. For children under 12 too. Only 18-19 year old girls are tought for free.

  11. Thanks for bringing me my new addiction :) Well, one of them. But this game certainly is fun enough to warrant playing it more than once.

    And the promise of a single-player mode is really nice too. Even without it's awesome, adding that on top would just be icing on the cake :)

    The main issue one could think of would be weapon balance - the railgun and the balloon gun seem underpowered at first. But once you meet a master of balloons, you never doubt their power again.

  12. Haslo, I'm really glad someone really got into this one. A very polished FPS indeed. And I'll take your word on the balance issues.