Mar 10, 2007

Tetris and the Needle & Thread interface

Alexey Pajitnov, the genius that created Tetris, has just given mankind a brand new and quite analog game: Stitch & Cross. Stitch & Cross, a sewing racing game, uses only a needle, thread and fabric as input device and was good enough to overshadow Harvey Smith's (of Deus Ex fame) storytelling The Tailor's Daughter needle & thread game and David Jaffe's totally unrelated to God of War (or God of War II for that matter) entry. Entry? Yes, entry. At the GDC Game Design Challenge, no less. A challenge that Alexey Pajitnov apparently won.

Intrigued? Good, that's a healthy response. Thankfuly there's more to read over @ Gamasutra.

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  1. Great show of innovation. Proof that designers can come up with truly novel ideas on their own (glances over at Nintendo).

    Anyone up for a rousing game of Sewtris?

    (It was funnier before I hit "Publish")

  2. Sure... then we could also give God of Cotton a try...

  3. ...i can see this developing into quite a comment thread... har.. HAr....

    ....sigh!..... i try...

  4. Ahem...hoho...



  5. so where were we....

    loll..... harrr..

    so.... sew?... lol...

    (wets himself.....)


  6. Oh, no! Not again...

    (shoots elderly in the neck)