Dec 17, 2006

Decker's Delight Links (17.Dec.06)

Lots of Links, all of the Decker variety, none particularly recent. After all the Internet was so much more interesting a mere couple of months ago. All those Street Samurais were rather fun too...

Jakanden, being an immoral blogger soon to be purged by the forces of morality, posted a brilliant holiday related, Christmas spirited, dark-ones influenced video. It features Cthulhu.

The Elderly on the other hand, being just one person, has gone all elderly and provided humanity with an excellent Metroid retro-review.

Scott Murphy, legendary Space Quest designer, got himself interviewed here, here being Adventure Classic Gaming.

Joel, a Dungeons and Dragons player and obviously a Satan worshiper and a communist claiming every man is king, blogs about sex (obviously). D&D sex advice to be precise.

Other people, Lilith worshiping terrorists I presume, try to ridicule the Lord of the Rings. By using YouTube. They succeed. Then, others succeed again.

Twilight Princess? Pah! Here's Zelda and the Lampshade of no Real Significance.

SEGA-16, then? Ken Horowitz writes all about the History of Sonic the Hedgehog.

For further history lessons, better begin by studying Chuck the Plant of Lucasfilm (Lucasarts, too) origins. Or see how easy it is to program in BASIC.

Finally, do have a look at a young and most promising retro blog: The Saturn Junkyard. By none other than Father Krishna of Gaming on the Go and Dreamcast Junkyard fame.

Need more stuff to click on? Niiiice...

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  1. ...thank you!!!

    supreme blogging commander in chief.....


  2. It's finally of my favorite curmudgeons in the blogoshpere has gone link-mad!!!

    I shall chalk it up to over-exposure to too many Wii-puns :(

    (Of course, blog commentters who have a tendency to make up words on the spot have had no part in this ;) )

  3. Well Gnome, I've got another blog to have fun with now. Introducing PG Music Reviews, a site for, uh, music reviews from yours truly. Check it out:

    Thanks, and I hope I get to update more often, been really busy lately.

  4. What a wonderful festive compilation you bestow on us oh wise Gnome! I loved it all except for the cthulu thingy, which was bit creepy for a sensitive old softie like meself... Oh and thanks for the plug!

  5. Welcome oh Elderly, general secretary of the Senate of ..uhm.. things. And stuff.

    Oh dear. Rc, sorry. never ment to link to places. Actually just wanted to...err... make a wii comment on the current state of the blogosphere. Yes. That's it!

    Nice new blog there ross. Off to update your stuff then...

    Father Krishna... sorry to have upset your midnight soup-time my friend... I'll go cry now... Ah, and thanks for the Saturn Junkyard.

  6. (adjusts epalettes... salutes commander....)

    A state of the art state of the blogging hemishpere link list if i may be so bold your commadership....

  7. It's also a supremely destructive mega-weapon a disguise. We will crush'em, oh Chief.

  8. ..erm crush em... right...


    who are we crushing again?

  9. Them, obviously. the little green humanoids. They raped my cow... VVvvvvengeance!

  10. bwastards..... shattering a bovine life without empathy or consideration... crush em i say... no crush em you said, but i wholeheartedly agree.... erm squish em i say... stop their milk delivery... cancel the cheese course....

  11. Send them annoying postcards... Be generally rude to 'em... Squish 'em we say!

    Oh and ... if possible.. enslave their porns. That would be nice...