Sep 5, 2006

A fine & free MSX emulator. In Java.

MSX was a rather failed attempt at imposing the ultimate home-computer standard. It was led by Sony and Microsoft, and more info is to be gathered from the most unlikely of sources: Wikipedia. As for a nice emulated taste of what the MSX games felt like, you could try the very free Java Msx Emulator.

Available games include Raid on Bungeling Bay, Zaxxon, 1942, Nemesis, Hyper Rally, Goonies, Kung Fu Master and Time Pilot.

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  1. Wikipedia source isn't that surprising, i get all my blog conte...... ermmm!

    yep very surprising

  2. Ah, the shooters... not my favorite, but they can be fun...

    Gnome, have you given R-Type Final on PS2 a go? It's worth a try if you like that type of shooter...

  3. R-type on PS2? No... but R-type on the Amiga yes!

    Elderly... shhhh!!!!!

  4. my ships are lealed.....

  5. My fangs are hide... Hmmm no... My tands are hide.. ehm.. errr... ok forget it...

    You may speak again...

  6. (concious that Gnome may be testing his confidentiality... elderly remains silent)


  7. .........(waits for a sign that it's okay to speak......)

  8. perfect!..... ahh can't think of anything to say now..... the silence was nice though, kinda like a retreat in a Carpathian monastery.....

  9. OK. Let us then silently smile.