Jun 9, 2006

Ok. Oblivion is (slightly) better than Morrowind

Of course Oblivion hasn't (yet) got any interesting total conversion mods (Morrowind has, here), but it already has its -evidently fair- share of little tweaking mods. Here's a list of the more interesting ones:

- Beautiful Stars (link): Adds stars to the sky. Beautiful ones. And constellations.

- Blue Lagoon Water (link): Quite apparent this one. Cleans up Tamriel's murky waters.

- Dimensional Pocket (link): It offers a "dimensional pocket" spell, which roughly translates to "dimensional stash" spell.

- Sentient Weapon (link): Find the weaponsmith, give him the ingredients and he'll give you a weapon with an attitude.

- Thief Project (link): A nice little thief-themed side quest, also sporting a new outfit.

Nothing spectacular, I know, but fun little mods nonetheless. Then again, I guess we could all just wait for the Middle Earth total conversion of Oblivion, the aptly named Adventure Middle Earth mod (link), even though I wouldn't hold my breath. It was supposed to have already been released for Morrowind.

Better have a look at something completely different, like some free games, Ultima 5 or Adrian Smith's art.

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  1. Never been a big fan of the Morrowind games, and Oblivion does nothing to change my opinion (I spent half an hour watchin my housemate play it, then went off to chase foxes out of the garden). I like the idea of the whole 'total conversion' thing though. How about a Shenmue total conversion?!

  2. Oh, and the reason I'm constantly leaving messages is because there's NOTHING to do at work except leave messages and the page blocker thing wont let me look at anything but blogs and wikipedia. Just so's you know. lol

  3. Always nice to have you around my Dreamcast addicted friend. And Shenmue. A noble idea for a total conversion...

  4. hopefully we'll see some offical (free) mods for the 360.

    (pig flys past the elderly's window)

    Until then I'll have to just sit here and seeth with jealousy.

    (fox walks past with a dreamcast logo painted on his back)

    Never a dull moment in Gnomeslair

  5. Never a dull moment reading Mr. Elderly's comments and posts...

    Oh, and official + free = doesn't compute.

  6. It would be nice just once though if someone bucked the trend. But your right, it doesn't compute.

    (a single teardrop trickles down elderly's face)