Jun 23, 2006

Monkey Island's quirky little secrets

Keeping with the recent pirate theme (and keeping admittedly away from the also recent gore theme), I'll just talk about the precious little Monkey Island secrets and in-jokes, I recently discovered in the House of Mojo treasure trove. (briefly)

Like, for example, the little and quite pointless cheat of pressing CTRL+SHIFT+W anywhere in the game to reach the (rather final) credits sequence, or the games' two different endings, according to if you sank the ship Guybrush came on.

Or even the very self-upgrading cannibal security door, or the scores of naked ladies. Seems interesting right? Good. Now find out the rest of Monkey 1's secrets by visiting Mojo's place.

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  1. quirky indeed and at the time secrets like this were like gold dust, known by only the select few..... find!

  2. The joys of hte internet are indeed innumerable...

  3. ...........in the hands of an expert navigator, i end up with big bertha sites most of the time.

    Not that theres anything wrong with bertha being big, mind!

  4. As longas she remains a bertha... of course not.

  5. damn maybe she's not a bertha! I ain't going back to check....

    thats frightened me!

    (makes a mental note to surf with care with one hand over his eyes)