Jun 10, 2006

Head over heels everybody!

It was 1987, kids born under a socialist sun were enjoying the Soviet BK-0010 home computer, when all that we, being the capitalist brats we were, could do was wait for Ocean's usually dull offerings. Thankfully -for 1987- they came in the guise of Head over Heels, a brilliant arcade-platform-adventure released for the 8bit home computing marvels (the Amstrad 6128, the Speccy and the C64) and later for their 16bit cousins (those should be the Amiga and the Atari ST). Not on the PC though.

PC users (who knows, Mr. Elderly might have been one of them) just didn't have a chance to explore the open-ended world of the two dog-thingy beasts, apparently called Mr. Head and Mr. Heels. So, they (the PC gamers that is) just sat at their corner and wept, as humble Spectrum fans enjoyed more than 300 different rooms, solved puzzles, avoided annoying booby traps, used Mr. Head's and Mr. Heel's unique abilities or combined the two (literally) to progress in this tough game.

a Spectrum screenshot

an Amstrad 6128 screenshot

Well, PC owners, despair no more. The good people of Retrospec remade Head over Heels, both for the PC and the Mac! The graphics are now fully colored (!), high(er)-res and as always cute and cuddly. They are beautiful, actually. Moreover, the remake is (wisely) very faithful to the original -nigh on identical some might say- bar the few welcome improvements. Like the ability to save your game, which might even give you a chance of making it to the end of the bloody difficult Head over Heels. Anyway. Grab this wonderful freebie here. You'll thank me. Oh, and if you do, better thank me in a more material way. Right. Cheers.

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  1. (looks at 360, looks at free game, looks at 360, looks at free game, .........starts weeping)

    Thank you

    I'm going to adopt you!

  2. Which one? Mr.Head or Mr.Heels?

  3. If it was a Mrs. instead of Mr. I would take either one...

    Get it now while its free Elderly, or soon you will have to pay for it on Xbox Live!!

  4. never was a truer word spoken, who needs sleep.

  5. We sleep when we die!!

    If thats the case I've might of been dead for years now without even knowing it... A sixth sense type of thing maybe?

  6. I'm pretty sure I've missed something...

  7. Oh, Im just talking about the movie The 6th Sense with Bruce Willis- When hes actually dead, but doesnt know it...

    Because I still get plenty of sleep and if we sleep when we die... well you catch my drift.

    Gnome did you ever play Bad Mojo??

  8. I tried to, but I really can't stand cockroaches. Not even on the screen. Still, the word around is it's a very good game. And there has also been a redux version...

  9. I picked up the redux version, guess I will load it up and what all this mojo's about then!
    My internet at the house is under attack this week- should be back on in about a day, then I will be back to catch up and hopefully be able to post some new stuff...
    Talk to you then!

  10. Good luck in your battle then... And don't worry, we'll be right here when you make your triumphant return.

  11. Ah yes... this one is among the best remakes ever made!! Retrospec have done some excellent games, but this is (possibly) the best of all.

    Still can't complete this game though :-( (failed to complete it on both the Speccy and Atari ST before!)



  12. Same with me dear Dave. What's more I can't even complete Batman. Or alien 8. Oh, well...

    BTW, that's some fantastic blogs you got there!