Feb 7, 2006

Warhammer: Whispers of a new Waaagh...

It seems the early rumors were (for once) true. The new boxed set of the forthcoming Warhammer 7th edition is indeed going to include dwarfs and goblins. Apparently, the good ol' goblin spider riders will be making an impressive return too.

For more pictures and info, follow these links: link#1 (in German, but pictures are worth a thousand words -aren't they?) and link#2 (this one is in English).

If, for some peculiar reason, further gnomish Warhammer related material is your thing, you could take a look at a (quite) relevant review and an orcish rumor.

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  1. Hello there...I jumped over from Captain Picard's Journal because I love your gnome picture. I've written a book that has gnomes...not yet published but am getting closer. Anyway, love your site!

  2. Thanks a lot.... As you must have gathered I'm quite fond of gnomes too.

    Cheers for the comment.