Jan 14, 2006

Board Game Review: ‘Zombies!!!’

This is the first Board Game Review (TM?) to appear on gnomeslair. It will be quite a short one too. Mind you it could have been even shorter. I could have just written: ‘Zombies!!! is a fun game about zombies by Twilight Creations. It’s fun and cheap(ish). The artwork is great. You should probably have a look.’

But I would never end a review there and obviously I wont.

I will instead try to explain, in a more thorough way, why Zombies!!! is a board game I tend to play each summer (mostly and in between and for the past two years that is) and still ain’t bored of it. Ok. I can’t explain why boredom hasn’t shown itself yet, but I can justify why I enjoyed Zombies!!! in the first place.

Zombies!!! is a game about survival, about destroying zombies and about making sure your opponents (1 to 5 opponents; do the math, that means 2-6 players) are serving as undead snacks. You (the model representing you actually) will be running around a zombie infested town (made of 30 beautifully illustrated cards and infested by 100 -yes 100- miniature zombies ), shooting zombies (a 4+ on a d6 destroys them), collecting health and ammo, searching buildings and playing the exquisitely dark and humorous and with great artwork action cards (there are around 50 of those). Your goal will be to be the first to butcher 25 zombies or the first to leave town using the helicopter. It is such a simple -yet so enjoyable- board game. You will probably even get to laugh.

Also check the game’s website. You’ll find free rules, expansions, the cutesy (freeware) Zombies!!! RPG and info on the other games and products in the Zombies!!! line.

As the blurb on the box says: This one’s a no brainer!

That’s an (eight) out of (ten).

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